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The Orestiadi Foundation presents the new donations of the year 2020/2021
After the forced interruption due to the pandemic, the annual appointment with which the Orestiadi Foundation of Gibellina presents the donations made during the year to the Sicilian institution returns to the Baglio Di Stefano on Saturday 23 October at 5 pm.

The Roman sculptor Cristiano Alviti together with Gianfranco Anastasio, Vito Bongiorno, Mario Cresci, Maurizio Galimberti, Franco Accursio Gulino, Rosario Genovese, Adeel Hazeez, Rosa Mundi, Simone Pellegrini, Giacomo Rizzo, Jonida Xherri, Alberto Timossi, is part of a group of artists who between 2020 and 2021 have collaborated with their work to enrich the collection of the Mediterranean Trame Museum directed by Enzo Fiammetta, in the wake of a long-established path in contemporary art.
Between sculpture, painting, and photography, each of the artists left the tangible testimony of their work, carried out in the context of an artistic residence, such as "Contraccolpi" by Alberto Timossi, the sculpture in pvc and blocks of Sicilian pearl, or the result of a site specific project, such as the one curated by Cristina Costanzo from which the photomosaics by Maurizio Galimberti come, or in the course of an exchange with other institutions as in the case of the artists of the 2020 Biennial of Sacred Art Cristiano Alviti, Rosa Mundi, Adeel Hazeez and Gianfranco Anastasio.
There are two sculptures in polystyrene and cement for bronze casting by Cristiano Alviti donated to the Museum, Giganti n.0 and Giganti N. 2.
The Museum is the place that preserves the identity of a community, which marks its values ​​beyond political and social contingencies.
Over the years, the Museum of Mediterranean Plots of the Orestiadi Foundation in Gibellina has better defined its role and aims. In this strip of land that extends towards Africa, a few kilometers from Lampedusa, over the years we have seen thousands of men and women who landed on our shores and entrusted us with their load of hopes. And the young migrants from the first reception centers of the Belìce villages, visiting our museum, recognized with emotion the artifacts of their countries of origin, the objects that testify to the common path that unites North Africa with Sicily and Italy. Museums must today be places of dialogue and solidarity and the works of the artists who enrich the collection of the Orestiadi Foundation are testimony, as well as sharing our project, of the assumption that art cannot have borders or barriers, it knows neither states nor races. Our thanks go to the artists and to those who donated the works to our museum for the spirit with which they perpetuate and understand the role of art which in Gibellina with Ludovico Corrao, has found fertile ground and a place open to every be a bearer of knowledge.
Says Enzo Fiammetta, director of the Museum of Mediterranean Wefts.

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