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BIAS 2020

The artists Patrizio and Cristiano Alviti, the first a painter and the second a sculptor, founders among other things of Officina Alviati, were invited to participate in the International Biennial “Sacred Contemporary Art of the Religions of Humanity” (BIAS) 2020, having been selected together with 100 other artists from all over the world.
BIAS is a transnational exhibition devised and promoted by WISH-World International Sicilian Heritage, by the artist Rosa Mundi and by the Donà dalle Rose Foundation, with the aim of promoting a path of collective growth through a specific context of artistic expression and interreligious dialogue, making contemporary art an instrument of investigation, denunciation and knowledge to overcome any social, religious, political and economic prejudice.
The Third Edition will focus on the theme “The game of the time, the time of the game”, in a circle of works where Time and Game interact through the most diverse forms of contemporary art. The inauguration of BIAS is scheduled for 12 June 2020 at 5.00 pm in the city of Venice, at the Marina di Sant’Elena and then winds its way through Veneto, Liguria and Sicily, touching the cities of Venice and Palermo, including the Morsasco Castle, and thus creating an ideal bridge between North and South, up to the borders of the sea.