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«My motto was: buy a picture a day»

Peggy Guggenheim

The Roman artists Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti, a sculptor the first and a painter the second, have been active on the art scene for over thirty years and have held personal and collective exhibitions in prestigious Italian and international exhibition spaces and museums.
By founding Officina Alviti they made their art, and in particular their exceptional craftsmanship, available to the world of design and furniture.
Very often the subtle gap between their being “artists” as well as designers closes and when the two brothers have intervened to renovate a space, they are often asked for works of art to complete the environments.

Parks of private sculpture collections house the monumental sculptures by Cristiano Alviti.

Many collectors, as well as owning works by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti, live in environments conceived and created by them.

The numerous types of painting techniques, often four-handed, used by the Alviti brothers allow their works to integrate in different styles of environments.

Often the mix of interior design and art leads Cristiano and Patrizio to conceive ad hoc works for private and public spaces.