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The mosaic inspired by “Sky and water” by M.C. Escher needs no introduction: it is the ideal subject for a path that crosses a lush garden bordering with a swimming pool.
The result is ingenious and utterly incredible: a splendid example of tessellation of Escher in a representation full of uniform figures that do not overlap one other.
The mosaic was made with an indirect method that meant it could be produced while working in the laboratory, but also could be made as a crowned path, thus allowing rainwater drainage.


Project by Cristiano e Patrizio Alviti
for Officina Alviti
with Toma Vasile



Excellent play of light and shadow where birds in the air turn into fish in the water.

The winning variant was Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti’s idea to make the fish walk along the lawn out of the intertwining pattern as if they were heading for a dip in the pool.

Since the client is passionate about mathematics, the mosaic was created using 314,000 tesserae paying homage to Pi, the mathematical constant whose value is 3,14.

It was also a chance to resume Escher’s surrealist universe to reinterpret the most classic diatomic mosaic of Roman villas with a modern twist.