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Project by Patrizio Alviti
for Officina Alviti
with Cristiano Alviti


Iron and wood

Can be made to measure

Created to connect the three levels of a prestigious Roman boutique in the central area of the Trident, this monumental spiral staircase, clearly inspired by industrial design, is an obvious expression of dynamism.
The bundle of iron ribbons that swirl up to the ceiling, rise as a symbol of haute couture and metaphorically indicate the amazing world of fashion and its continuous evolution.

The imposing work designed by Patrizio Alviti for Officina Alviti, precisely because of its grandeur and decisive design, becomes the fulcrum and trait d’union of three different spaces dedicated to women, men, and accessories.

And the environments that surround it are also in constant motion: mannequins and shop windows displaying big names, which are constantly renewed and rearranged.