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Project by Cristiano Alviti
for Officina Alviti


Iron and wood

Can be made to measure

The client architect asked Officina Alviti for a “hyper contemporary” sculptural staircase that would fill a large open space of a luxury apartment in Beirut and that would also act, through walkways, as a passage to the sleeping area and study.
The inspiration came from the imposing port area the building overlooks and from the view of its gigantic cranes an airy spiral staircase with a strong industrial design emerged, in which the burnished wax-brushed iron is the protagonist element together with some parts in polished wood that contrast with the roughness as a whole.

Entirely built in the Roman workshop of Officina Alviti, the staircase was then transported by container to Lebanon and installed on site.

The marks of the grinding on the iron and the wax coating are strategic elements that contribute to highlighting the few high design furnishing accessories present.