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A unique and atypical space created for the first Italian flagship store in Milan of the German publishing house Taschen.
American artist Jonas Wood asked Officina Alviti to convert a minimal sketch of a tropical jungle with giant leaves and orchids into reality.
Confident of their manual skills, Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti stood up the challenge and the amazing result needs no introduction.
The inlay that defines each leaf and each flower, down to the smallest detail, helps to make the subject’s pop vibe more refined and elegant.


Project by Jonas Wood in collaboration with Cristiano Alviti
Created by Officina Alviti


Graniglia tiles with brass inlays

Sophisticated environments that reflect the direct, lively and at the same time sophisticated style of the catalogue of Taschen publishing house, famous all over the world.

Joining the floors of the flagship store is a reproduction of a Gio Ponti staircase, where the rise of the graniglia tiled steps create a picturesque palette of colours.

Making the dreams and visions of architects, artists, interior designers, or private clients possible is the peculiarity that distinguishes Officina Alviti.

An exotic nursery made with Venetian terrazzo and brass details.