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A monumental sculptural piece of furniture in bronze and brass entirely embossed with very exotic ornamental motifs, the result of Cristiano Alviti’s studies on the aboriginal world of Oceania.
Classifying it as a “piece of furniture” means underrating this work of art that could only be produced by the skilled hands of a sculptor and which requires several months of work to be completed: pieces that can only be defined as unique.
Smaller sizes and decorations can be revised according to the customer’s needs.

piece of furniture

Project by Cristiano Alviti
for Officina Alviti
with Patrizio Alviti


Bronze and brass

285 x 60 x 95 cm

Since its foundation, Officina Alviti has dedicated itself to the revival of artistic techniques and this piece of furniture is perhaps the most significant example.

Among Australians and New Zealanders, the great lizard represents the value of adaptability, precisely because of its capacity to camouflage in any environment.

Reading the famous book by Bruce Chatwin “The Songlines” was an inspiration for Cristiano Alviti to materialize those evocative pages that tell us about the life of the aborigines and the sacredness of their symbols.

The Koru, literally “spiral”, is a fern leaf that unfolds and comes to life. For the Māori people it represents life and rebirth.