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MENADE staircase

Project by Cristiano Alviti for Officina Alviti with Paolo Vanzolini 2006 Sand cast bronze Can be made to measure

The staircase is part of a collection featuring several pieces (a balustrade in the garden, a door, and some furnishings) named after the “Maenads”, the priestesses of Bacchus. The bronze vine shoots that compose it climb the four floors in a villa of a passionate connoisseur and collector of wines, creator of one of the most important private cellars in Switzerland. A clear example of a perfect understanding between the designer and client.

Cristiano Alviti designed and built this staircase using the ancient sand cast technique that allowed the balustrade to be flexible and curved, following the line of the original supporting structure.

Hundreds of elements were made in the Roman workshop of Officina Alviti and then meticulously reassembled one by one on site.