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Project by Cristiano Alviti
for Officina Alviti
with Paolo Vanzolini


Sand cast bronze, Corten mirror

140 x 280 cm (can be made to measure)

The front door of this house “speaks volumes” about its inhabitants: the owner is a passionate wine connoisseur and collector who owns one of the most important private cellars in Switzerland.
It is because of this that Cristiano Alviti, for Officina Alviti, came up with the idea of shoots of vine inhabited by birds, reproducing in low relief the suggestion of a Pompeian fresco.
This very fine chiselling work highlights the sculptor’s mastery and, at the same time, made the entrance, one of the fundamental environments of a home, warm and delicate.

Although the selected material could come across as cold, the door acquires a lighter feel also thanks to the clever idea of the smoked mirror that acts as a background.

Not only the theme, but also the fine artistic technique suggest the idea of an entrance to an enchanted garden of delights.