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Project by Cristiano Alviti
for Officina Alviti
with Paolo Vanzolini


Lost-wax bronze casting

Can be made to measure

The monumental bronze balustrade connects the terrace with the formal Italian garden. In this specific project the inspiration, which Officina Alviti has always drawn from the observation of nature, was perfectly aligned with the one of the client, since the owner of the villa for which it was designed is in fact a passionate connoisseur and collector of wines, founder of one of the most important private wineries in Switzerland.
For his residence in Geneva, therefore, the intertwining of vines was the fil rouge that runs between the external balustrade, the entrance door and the staircase connecting the four floors of the villa.

The applied lost-wax bronze casting technique involved sculptural wax work in Rome’s workshop, casting in the foundry …

… and then the assembly of the pieces on site, for a length of 19 meters.