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A constant theme of Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti, founders of Officina Alviti, is the forest and as artists (the first is a sculptor, the second a painter) there are many exhibitions that they have organized over the years dedicated to botany (“Arborea” 2003, “Iron Will “2021, etc.)
These poetic table bases are born from these works of art, paradoxically made of raw construction materials, such as concrete and iron.
The bundle of branches is positioned on an iron frame, which is kept together by bands soaked in cement and resin, perfectly recreating the roughness of tree trunks.


Project by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti
for Officina Alviti


Iron, concrete and resin

210 x 90 x 75 cm

The oxidized and treated iron shelf barely shows the small anti-slip motifs of the construction sheets, which paradoxically are called “almond” …

… We thus remain totally in the botanical theme: a curious divertissement that reflects the ironic talent of the two artists/designers.