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« Create is to live twice »

Albert Camus

The Roman artists Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti, founders of Officina Alviti, have made their artistic and in particular their exceptional manual skills available to the world of design and furniture.
Their unique versatility, as well as having no limits when it comes to the most innovative or traditional art techniques, turns every intervention by Cristiano and Patrizio for Officina Alviti into an amazing result.
Every surface and any space where an intervention by Officina Alviti is required to place or install or design correspond to exciting challenges that allow Cristiano and Patrizio, together with those who have designed or will live in the house, to materialize any idea.
There are no technical limits for their industrious hands: the most complicated toreutics, cabinet making, gilding, the most varied patinas, as well as mosaic art and Venetian graniglia tiling.

They design sculptural furniture and furnishing accessories in the most precious metals, but also make them with their own hands.

The continuous research in the use of traditional techniques applied to contemporary materials is the prerogative of Officina Alviti.

Ancient gilding, sophisticated trompe l’oeil, industrial cements, collages are just some examples of the infinite range of surfaces that can be created.

Study and research of techniques to relive the ancient to build the modern, the spot-on genius loci of Officina Alviti.