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This coffee table is the result of the successful partnership between Mama Design and Officina Alviti. The observation of the Pontine islands, one of the favourite places of the Alviti brothers, founders of Officina Alviti, led to a collection of small pieces of furniture inspired by the world of mineralogy. Through the expert processing and combination of different materials such as metal, concrete and resin, it was possible to reproduce the extraordinary light effects that are the expression of the encounter between the sea and the rock.

coffee table

Project by Mama Design and Officina Alviti
Made by Cristiano Alviti


Bronze, iron and concrete

180 x 110 x 40 cm

A rough iron frame covered with noble metals and resin-coated concrete recreates, through a painstaking sculptural process, the charm of Mediterranean cliffs.

Infinite and iridescent reflections caused by natural light as a constant emanation of this sculptural table embody the result of the whole manufacturing process.