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These sliding doors are the result of the perfect meeting between three minds: the architect Clelia Pascale who designed them, Cristiano Alviti for Officina Alviti who made the resin inlays and Jandran Stenico who forged the iron core.
Decorative screens that, when necessary, help to turn large spaces designed for conviviality into more intimate ones.
The minimal marks in coloured resin that pierce the metal follow the soft lines chosen for the architectural details, for the coverings, for the furniture and for the furnishing accessories, defining a cleverly harmonious project.

CLELIA house

Project by Clelia Pascale
created by Officina Alviti and Jandran Stenico
with Toma Vasile


Iron and resins

It feels almost like a contemporary stained glass, where the crystalline element is replaced by the opaque transparency of the resins.

For Officina Alviti, collaborations with architects, craftsmen, designers, or interior decorators always represent fascinating challenges in which to strive for excellence.