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Concrete is an element that over the years has found a more distinguished application and, as well as being used as a simple building material, also sees it as the protagonist of interior and exterior cladding.
Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti have applied this decorative technique, of which they are masters, also to the world of furniture and furnishing accessories. This is how these console tables with their simple lines were conceived and their coating is what makes them unique.

console table

Project by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti
for Officina Alviti


Wood and concrete

180 x 110 x 40 cm

Can be made to measure and available in a wide range of colours

The Crisalide collection’s name refers to the silkiness of the surface treated using this technique.

The neutrality of the design and the varied colour palettes mean that this piece of furniture can be integrated into any environment. The malleability of the material also allows for an infinite range of customizations.